Not everything moves slowly in the countryside. Sprinternet delivers super quick broadband where others fear to tread.
If you're data-starved by other providers, Sprinternet can help. We check your area, test your connection and set you up in 5-10 working days - with 15-25Mbps synchronous speeds. Simple.
The whole system is wireless and so has no dependence on the ageing phone network.
And because the network is small, once you’re connected you’ll get great service from local people passionate about IT.

Check out the Sprinternet packages below and contact us to get connected within days:


£30per month

- At least 15Mbps (up and down)
- Short Contract


£60per month

- Up to 25Mbps (up and down)
- Flexible Contract

01608 610033hello@sprinternet.it